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Rivkin K. Arms and Armor of Caucasus

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Rivkin K. Arms and Armor of Caucasus. – 2015. – 328 p.

Рівкін К. Зброя та обладунки Кавказу.
Палітурка: тверда; мова: англійська;  кольорові й чорно-білі ілюстрації та світлини; папір: глянцевий крейдований.

The book analyzes development of arms and armor in Caucasus between the sixteenth and the early twentieth centuries. It treats the subject in a rather general manner, dedicating its 328 large format pages to provide both the overall classification of Caucasian weapons, as well as to suggest ways in which one can date them and assign to them a specific origin. Well illustrated, with 213 photographs, including many unique, never before published items from both private and museum collections, it attempts to demonstrate all major forms of edged weapons and defensive armaments from this specific period. Most of the photographs were taken by well known still life photographers and are true works of art on their own. Though the book is in English, translations of figure captions into Russian are provided.








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