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zascok,не падай с дерева не надо,этож Россия у меня лопату подлецы украли при вьезде,а чтоб предмет похожий на ахтомат вывезти,кровищи выпьют так не мало,спроси у Землянки,он пробовал железо за кордон метать?Мне думается не выйдет ничего...Не в плане у Евгена спросить а в плане послать за пределы РФ.

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Однозначно нельзя.

List of prohibited for shipping items

In Russian Federation

Ground: article 22 of Federal Law "On mail service"

  • firearms, signaling guns, air guns, pneumatic guns, ammunition, cold weapon (including casting), electric strikes and spark dischargers as well as main components of firearms;
  • narcotics, psychotropic, drastic, radioactive, explosive, corrosive, flammable and other hazardous substances;
  • poisonous animals and plants;
  • RF paper currency and foreign currency;
  • perishable goods;
  • items, that may endanger the safety of postal employees, soil, taint or otherwise damage other postal items or postal equipment.

Ground: International postal items are subject to all restrictions provided by domestic legislation of the Russian Federation, Universal Postal Union Decrees, Regulations of the Postal Service and List of items prohibited and conditionally permitted for import to foreign countries, published in Manual on international postal items acceptance

Upon clearance from the territory of the Russian Federation:
1) Printed and audiovisual materials:
  • containing appeals to extremist and terrorist activities or public justification of terrorism,
  • of pornographic nature,
  • produced or distributed in violation of the laws of Eurasian Economic Community on elections and referenda,
  • aimed at promoting Nazi merchandising or symbolism or merchandising and symbolism similar to Nazi merchandising or symbolism that leads to a shift in perception,
  • containing other information which may threaten the political and economic interests of the Russian Federation, its national security, health and morality of its citizens;

2) All types of firearms (their parts), ammunition for them (their parts) constructively similar to civil and service personnel weapons;

3) Hazardous waste products;

4) Special technical devices for the surreptitious obtaining of information;

5) Poisonous substances which are not precursors of narcotic substances and psychotropic substances;

6) Narcotic substances, psychotropic substances and their precursors, including those in form of medication;

7) Human organs and (or) tissues, blood and its components;

8) Wastes of ferrous and nonferrous scrap;

9) Raw precious metals, scrap and wastes of precious metals, ore, precious metal and primary goods concentrates containing precious metals;

10) Mineral raw materials (natural uncut stones);

11) Information on mineral resources;

12) Plants of any shape and condition, plant seeds;

13) Live animals, excluding bees, leeches, silkworms, which are delivered with veterinary certification;

14) Ozone destruction substances;

15) Alcoholic products, ethyl alcohol, beer;

16) Any types of tobacco goods and smoking mixtures;

17) Radioactive materials;

18) Cultural treasures;

19) Perishable goods;

20) Precious stones of any kind and condition, natural diamonds, with the exception of pieces of jewelry.

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