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Американский окопный нож

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Господа, попался мне в руки вот такой интересный окопничек, видимо заводская переделка из штыка М1. Если у кого-нибудь есть инфа по периоду изготовления таких переделок и фирме, что их производила, просьба поделиться




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Не знаю как насчёт заводской переделки,

а я лично перековывал из обломка такой ножик при помощи паяльной лампы, молотка и кувалды в качестве наковальни.

Длина клинка для такой рукояти недостаточна. Ножны по форме и размеру к нему не очень подходят.

Прорезать нитки будет носом, да и тесноваты. ИМХО.

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Коммерческая переделка выполненная фирмой Utica Cutlery Co на основе штыков М1. Описана у Янцена на стр. 226.

а в какой период производилась данная переделка, Кирилл?

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Вот, нарыл немного. Ответ на подобный запрос. Автор: C. STORR, www.bladeforums.com фото и предметы тоже его.

This is exactly right - it is what started as a bayonet but never made it to completion as a true bayonet for whatever reason, likely failed inspection as a bayonet as mentioned already. This did not make it of inferior quality as a fighting knife. These generally did not make it even as far as having the catch and spring installed (the hardware that fixes it in place on a rifle) before being modified.

Тhe sheath is original to the knife.

The only markings you will find on the knife will be underneath the black grips, and then you will likely only find an L or a P, stamped somewhere on the underside of guard or on the internal metal of the handle. I don't know what these markings mean, though. In the picture below, there are two of my M1 Fighting Knives. On the nicer of the two, if I look closely in a certain light, I can make out part of a Flaming Bomb between a U and a S that would have originally been on the bayonet, that hadn't been completely machined off of the knife at the ricasso.

Utica Cutlery made a version of the knife under their "Kutmaster" brand but used the actual bayo crossguard with the muzzle ring filed off.


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Добавлю. Позиционируется как послевоенный. Автор и продавец Josey, форум warrelics.eu

Here is a somewhat unique fighting knife and I use the term "fighting" loosely because it could be used as a hunting knife or just a general everyday work knife. This knife was made post war by the Utica Cutlery company from thier left over stock after thier M1 bayonet contract ended with the U.S. Govt. This knife was never milled to fit on to a rifle. Blade is marked Kutmaster - Utica, N.Y.,U.S.A. I am asking $50.00 + shipping.


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Другое мнение. Автор и продавец phmical, ebay.com, фото его.

WWII KUTMASTER fighting - combat knife -

a real kutmaster marked US ARMY - marine corp / us navy fighting knife --

used condition ,

the 6 .25 " long blade, looks like it might have been recently cleaned , but it was not over ground or ever deeply rusted or pitted

the markings are fine KUTMASTER UTICA NY USA the grips are fine ,..

THE SHEATH is a little worn ,...at the tip - the rest is nice and sound . the closing strap is missing from the scabbard ,...

a nice original WW2 fighting knife

these were made from unfinished and / or rejected m1 garand bayonet parts


-- this was never milled for the bayonet lug slot in the pommel -or release button ,........the cross guard does NOT have the normal scabbard milled locking slots ,...that a m1 bayonet crossguard would have NOT A CUT DOWN BAYONET !


a real world war fighting knife at a reasonable price

a must have for all world war two military collectors and reinactors



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Здесь имеется ссылка на источник информации.

This great fighting knife was either issued right at the end of the war or just after according to Coles Knife Book #III on page 198, illustration #1. The knife is cut down from a bayonet with a birds head end. This has a very heavy blade that has seen use and been sharpened but not overly so. The knife is 10 3/4 inches over all with a 6 3/8 inch blade. The knife has Bakelite scales with no oil hole. The blade is marked Kutmaster, Utica,N.Y.,USA. This has a heavy cross guard on it.

И сравнение обрезаного штыка с боевым ножом. Автор: cwo4uscgret, forums.gunboards.com, Фото его.

Both of these fighting knives are cut down M1905 bayonets. According to a Military Knife Expert, the bottom knife, a Kutmaster M1905, was more then likely shortened and chromed at the factory; the bayonet lug slot has been milled off the handle; and the latch is missing. The top bayonet has been cut down; but the slot is intact and the latch works. It will mount on a 1903 Mk1 Springfield.


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В итоге имеем.

Боевой нож изготавливаемый компанией Utica Cutlery в период второй мировой войны и немного позднее из остатков от военного контракта. Т.е. это не переделка и не модификация. Просто использованы заготовки деталей для штыка. Серийность изделия подтверждается обилием образцов в продаже. Ножны тоже родные.

В отличичии от обрезаного штыка, на ноже не фрезерованы приспособления для крепления на винтовку и отсутствуют специфические клейма(в том числе под накладками?). Цены колеблются от 50$ до 200$


M.H.Cole " U.S. Military Knife #III" page 198, illustration #1.

Янцен. стр. 226.


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